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A simple, risk free and profitable program perfect for people looking to engage in Agriculture but don't have the knowledge, capacity or time to execute their agriculture desires. We provide all the tools and handle all management necessary for a successful farming operation.

Agropartnerships Technology Ltd, a registered subsidiary of Farmforte™, is an innovative digital platform that gives everyone the opportunity to engage in Agribusiness anytime and on the go by funding farms and facilitating trades of agricultural commodities.

About Farmforte

Farmforte is an impact oriented company founded in 2012. We are focused on creating innovative solutions to existing problems in the african agricultural landscape and transforming them to economic opportunities.

We play across the value chain of specific agricultural crops. We engage in modern farming using advanced technological methods. We also engage in the use of modern machinery to process raw materials into value added products. And importantly, we create access to global markets for our local produce.

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At Farmforte, we believe that Africa’s greatest opportunity to play on the global scene lies in its Agricultural potentials. We can create solutions that would change the way the world feeds itself.
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