Frequently asked questions


How do I join?

Simply create an account, select any number of units in farms or commodity trades you are interested in, make payments and we would get you started.

What's the duration?

The program cycle is dependent on the specific farm or commodity trade type. It could range from as early as 3 weeks to 4 months for commodity trades and from 3 months to 9 months for farms.

Minimum and maximum

The minimum number of unit is one. Participants can take as many units available at any given time.

Are farms and trades insured?

Yes, both farms and commodities are comprehensively insured. The farms are insured to mitigate against any form of crop losses from fire, lightning, aircraft, windstorm damage, flood, outbreak of pests and diseases etc. For commodity trades, we have a comprehensive Goods in transit and warehouse insurance against burglary, fire or other unforeseen events. However, the expertise we deploy and the quality of our experience serve as a more guaranteed insurance.

Finance &

How much is a unit and what does it cover?

The cost of a unit varies depending on the agribusiness case. It would cover all that is required to execute from start to finish.

How are the returns calculated?

For farms, the returns are calculated by multiplying the projected yield per unit by the predetermined price per KG of the crop type. For commodity trades, the returns are calculated by a sharing formula that assigns a percentage of predetermined profit projections.

What is the predetermined price and how is it arrived at?

The predetermined price is the price we use in the buyout contract. The price is arrived at by using a metric system tied to existing market prices and costs of production or costs of sourcing for the given period.

How much do I get at the end of a cycle?

At the end of a cycle, you get your capital and a return on investment specific to your agribusiness case.


Where are you located?

We operate farms in a number of states across the country but our main operational base is in Edo state, Nigeria. Our administrative office is in Lagos, Nigeria and we have a sales office with warehousing facilities in Meppel, The Netherlands covering our international sales operations.

What other benefits?

Beyonds the returns that would accrue, participants stand to benefit much more through a host of other initiatives built to promote the growth of Agriculture in Nigeria.

Can I visit the farm locations?

Farm visits are very welcome for participants. Kindly give us a 2 weeks notice prior to intended date of visit.