Value Chain

End-to-end solutions
A core focus/key component of our business model is playing across the value chain of specific product types we work with. We take seeds and nurture them into beautiful crops that produce a bountiful harvest which is then processed and packaged into world class products that are sold locally and across the globe.

By playing across the value chain, we take out the middlemen and provide consumers with the best quality at the best prices and still make excellent profits.


Mechanized farming at its finest
We utilize modern Agricultural systems to ensure high quality and maximum yields. The presence of modern Irrigation systems ensures we can farm all year round both in wet and dry seasons.

We desire partners who would not just seek returns alone but also be a part of a network of Enlightened Agricultural Enthusiasts seeking to change the face of farming in Nigeria.


Prepared, planted and harvested on behalf of the participants
The costs cover everything from Land allocation and preparation, Fertilzer, Plantlets, Labor, Logistics, Insurance, Management, etc. Returns are calculated by multiplying the pre-determined price per Kilo by the number of Kilos produced per plot.

While you deploy capital, We provide the Land, Labor, Inputs, Machinery, Management, Expertise and other necessities. Most importantly, we enter Buyout Contracts on all the harvested produce at a predetermined price to enable you get all the benefits

Healthy Returns

The most profitable farming and commodity trading experience you can think of. Yes, we know!

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Short Cycles

Fast turnaround times ranging from 3 weeks up to 6 months depending on farm or commodity trade type.

100% insured

We understand that your money is valuable hence all farms, commodities and warehouses are backed by comprehensive insurance providers.

Low Capital

Low minimum investment required per unit, you can start a farm or execute a trade with as low as N80,000

Value Chain Approach

We play across the value chain of every crop or commodity type we choose, cutting out middlemen by providing end to end solutions.